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Tour De Miesville

When visiting Welch, MN, there are more route options for your next biking adventure than you might think. With Welch sitting in the middle of the Cannon Valley Trail, it is 9.7 miles from Cannon Falls and 9.7 miles from Red Wing. Both Red Wing and Cannon Falls have great food and drink options and more bike trails and walking paths around town. 

Another option that many people don’t think of is what we call the Tour De Miesville. This route is usually overlooked because it is almost all uphill and mainly all gravel from Welch. If you are immediately thinking, Oh, that is too much for me. I can not bike up a paved hill, much less on gravel. Well, I am here to tell you that you might be wrong. At least when it comes to riding an e-bike. The great thing about riding an e-bike is that the pedal assist helps the rider glide up hills with ease and minimal exertion, if any at all. If you are interested in this route, please consider the bike you choose for your rental. Our TouTeg Cruisers have a narrow tire and are not ideal for a gravel route. The rest of our bikes, however, will do great on this terrain. 

This route is excellent for a group of friends or a couple on a date looking for a different take on bar hopping.

Please keep in mind that we want all of our customers to be safe and responsible. We do not want anyone to get hurt. Also, know that you can get intoxicated while biking tickets, so please drink and bike responsibly. 

To start your day, meet us at Welch Station on the Cannon Valley Trail. Here, you will get your bikes and detailed instructions on working the bikes and even taking a little test ride around the parking lot to make sure everyone is comfortable. You will also each get a helmet with Bluetooth intercom capability, so everyone will be able to talk while you are on your ride. These helmets not only elevate your riding experience due to the fact you can visit while you ride, but it is also great to tell riders ahead or behind you that there is a car coming or where you are turning next. 

Once everyone is ready to roll, you will head back into the town of Welch. The Bleu Dog Cafe is in the heart of Welch and where I suggest you stop for brunch. I know you have just started your ride, but their brunch is phenomenal, and they even have two spots for outdoor seating. It is a great way to fuel up for the day. The portions are large, so it is possible to share, especially if you plan on eating at some of our other suggested spots.

After brunch, it is time to head out of town to Gopher Hills Golf Course The ride to Gopher Hills is excellent as you will be coming out of the Valley and then through some farmland. The views are beautiful, and you will likely see some deer, turkeys, and other wildlife. There is very little traffic which makes the ride safe and enjoyable. Gopher Hills has an indoor bar and outdoor patio overlooking the golf course. They do serve food as well. 

Your next stop is two miles down the road at King’s Place in Miesville King’s is famous for its menu of over 100 award-winning burgers. If there is a list of The Best Burgers in Minnesota, King’s is on it year after year. With outdoor and indoor seating, they are an absolute must-stop when you are in the area. 

Now down the road to Jack Ruhr Field. This classic small-town ball field is home to the Miesville Mudhens, and a well known amateur baseball park in the state of Minnesota. It is often referred to as The Field Of Dreams in Minnesota. Although this was not the field used to shoot the movie The Field of Dreams, Jack Ruhr Field was featured in the 2000 film Here on Earth, which was also filmed in the town of Welch. If it is a summer Sunday Afternoon, you might even be able to catch a Miesville Mudhens home game. The concession stand serves the standard, popcorn, brats, hot dogs, and cold beer. 

Time to cool off at Wiederholt’s Supper Club with one of their famous ice cream after-dinner drinks. I know a supper club might not seem a likely stop for a bike ride, but their homemade Grasshoppers, Brandy Alexanders, Pink Squires, and Golden Cadillacs never disappoint! 

Back to Welch, we go with one more stop at the Cannon River Inn. The Cannon River Inn is about as small-town bar as you can get. Located across from Welch Mill Tubing and Canoe, you have a great view of the town of Welch while sitting outside. For your convenience, there is a service window for customers to order food and drinks while seated outside.

Their parking lot is frequently with cars, trucks, four-wheelers, side-by-sides, motorcycles, bicycles, and now that you’ve arrived, e-bikes. Check their Facebook page for hours. Now that you have finished the Tour de Miesville, it is time to meet us back in the overflow parking lot at the Welch station. We are always so excited to hear about everyone’s day and more than happy to take a group picture to capture this memory. 

If you are looking for a place for your group to stay nearby, check out The Farmhouse Inn . The Farmhouse is located just 7 miles from Welch and has lots of room for a group of 10 or less. There is a lot of outdoor space, including a shed with a bar and outdoor games. Rolling River Bike Rental will even bring the bikes directly to the Farmhouse so you and your crew can take this exact route without ever needing to load up your vehicles. 

If this sounds like your kind of day, book your Tour de Miesville ride today!