Spending time in the outdoors, reveling in nature’s beauty, is something I’m very passionate about. Born and raised in Red Wing, MN, I was blessed to have the Mississippi and Cannon Rivers as the backdrop for my childhood. Fast forward to the present day. I now enjoy sharing my love for the outdoors and exploring all of nature’s offerings with my husband and four children.

As soon as my husband Steve and I were introduced to E-bikes, we immediately fell in love. The innovative concept and ease of use create a universal way for people of all ages to experience the pure joy of riding a bicycle. Whether it’s a cruise along the scenic Cannon Valley Trail or a country-side trip down a gritty, gravel road, we love the way e-bikes glide up the steepest of hills with ease and allow the rider to go longer distances without feeling fatigued. 

We hope you will come and enjoy the beautiful Cannon Valley Trail soon and see for yourself what there is to love about the Cannon Valley and our awesome e-bikes.